Marieke Mamarazzi

Selfportrait (2015)

Dutch photographer & creative spirit, raised and based in Leiden.
Studied Photography + Fine Arts at Willem The Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.

As a photographer she worked for a variety of magazines, events, musicians, companies and individual clients (see Collabs). She presents multiple exhibitions a year where she displays her work. Since 2011 she curates exhibitions in ‘t Leidseplein, Leiden.


Whether you’re looking for a professional portrait, photo(shoot), painting,
an entire mural, creative input or a collaboration;

She’s your girl! 🤙

Phone: Nulzes-vierachtviereenachtzeszevenvijf
Facebook: Marieke Mamarazzi LinkedIn: Marieke Mamarazzi
Instagram: MariekeMamarazzi + MariekeMamarazzi_LostOnes


Mini-exhibiton > Nowa's, Leiden (2017/2018)

The official opening of vinylstore Nowa’s was on thursday the 16th of November.
In the back of the store one of my photographs is displayed:

< Parisian street musician, Paris (2014)

Haarlemmerstraat 231,
2315 DR Leiden

Updated opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday to Monday from 12:00.


2year Paardcafé x AHF > Paardcafé, The Hague (2017)

Together with 9 others, I’m participating in a special AHF-groupexhibition at the recently renovated Paardcafe, Den Haag.
Through this exhibition we celebrate our 2year collaboration with Paardcafé.
The exhibition ended on the 16th of December.

Group Exhibition 'Curating The Narrative' > Paardcafé, The Hague (2016/2017)

From Thursday the 24th of November 2016 till the 18th of Febrary 2017
one of my photographs was shown – BIG –
during AHF Group Exhibition ‘Curating The Narrative’ at Paardcafé, The Hague.

100 years in retrospect > Leidseplein, Leiden (2016)


Curated by Marieke Mamarazzi

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Leidseplein;
photos of the neighborhood, taken between 1898 – 1998. 
Most photographs came from the Historical Archives/Heritage Leiden website.”


Mamarazzi for Leidseplein (2016)

Group Exhibition > Cultuurfabriek, Veenendaal (2016)


From the 2nd to the 9th of April 2016 two of my photographs were shown
during a Group Exhibition in De Cultuurfabriek, Veenendaal.


La Parisienne / Le Clochard (Paris - 2009 / 2014)

La Parisienne / Le Clochard (Paris – 2009 / 2014)

Two (en)light(ening) reflections > Leidseplein, Leiden (2015/2016)


From the 25th of December 2015 till the 7th of February 2016 I had an exhibition at General Store Leidseplein, Pieterskerkgracht 28 – Leiden.

The presented artworks are being part of a series of eight reflections, formally shown at Nieuwe Energie Leiden.


Two (en)light(ening) reflections @ EXPO LP WINTER 2015 by Mamarazzi

Reflections > Nieuwe Energie, Leiden (2015)


From January – June eight works about reflections were shown at ‘Nieuwe Energie Leiden‘ – 3e Binnenvestgracht 23, Leiden.

"I'm fascinated by reflections because they show things differently. 
A moment of reflection gives me new energy; positive energy."

The grand finissage took place on Friday, the 12th of June.


Reflecties @ Nieuwe Energie, Leiden (2015)               Reflecties - Finnissage @ Nieuwe Energie, Leiden (2015) 


Mamarazzi > Rockin' Chair, Leiden (2014)


From October (2014) 4 photos about (the absence of) light

were being shown for almost a year (!) at furniture-upholstery ‘The Rockin’ Chair‘ – Korte Mare 22a, Leiden.

The opening was on the 18th of October 2014.


Photo: Coen Bastiaanssen

Kunstroute > Breestraat 48, Leiden (2013)
"Beware of an odd selection of works 
exposed during Kunstroute 2013;
28+29/09/2013 from 12:00-18:00 
@ Breestraat 48, Leiden."
 Mamarazzi at Kunstroute Leiden (2013)


Lost Ones > Galerie Noodweer, Leiden (2013)


A rare Mamarazzi exhibition at galerie Noodweer, Herensingel 7 – Leiden in July (2013).

Lookingboxes hid photos of lost objects.

"They're obviously in the wrong place, makin' me wonder what happened."
Video registration exhibition ‘Lost Ones’ (2013).

More lost&found? Check the album Lost Ones or MariekeMamarazzi_LostOnes on Instagram.

Solo Exhibition > Vrijplaats, Leiden (2012)
"First big #Exhibition @ Vrijplaats, Leiden.
The opening came with homemade sushi, 
Dominican cigars & bad ass tunes. 

Mamarazzi at Vrijplaats - Leiden (2012)
Mariekemamarazzi - November 4, 2012


“Understand me. I’m not like an ordinary world.
I have my madness, I live in another dimension
and I do not have time for things that have no soul.”

Charles Bukowski.

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