Last Friday I did a nude photoshoot with the lovely artist Roos Tulen.
The final result will be shown during Kunstroute Leiden, 22-23 September 2018. 
Stay tuned!


Mural, Leiden (2018)


Yesterday I’ve finished this trippy 9x2m mural at a fence between the Oranjestraat/Prinsenstraat, Leiden;

MAMARAZZI goes official (2018)


Hey you, it’s official! Today I’ve finally set up my own creative business at the ‘Kamer van Koophandel‘.
I didn’t even bring my camera for a proper selfie, ’cause it’s not about me, it’s all about you!
Whether you’re looking for a professional portrait, photoshoot, painting or an entire mural; I’m your girl! 🤙

#supportyourlocalartist #yourstruly #photographer #visualartist #Mamarazzi #bucketlist #lifegoals #theonlywayisup

Milano (2018)

February-March I took care of an adorable gattina in Milano (Italy).
For two weeks I took photos every single day – from gatta to ghetto to gastronomy.  Today I published a selection here.


For years and years I’m fascinated by what we lose, drop and forget.
In addition to the Lost Ones-album on this website I’ve started ‘MariekeMamarazzi_LostOnes‘ on Instagram.

Last weeks I’ve found many lost ones, including sobriety, inspiration and a crashed bird. A new project got started.

Here’s a detail of this project about transience, stay tuned..

Official opening Nowa’s Place (2017)

On the 16th of November Ischa opened his vinyl store Nowa’s Place, located at at Haarlemmerstraat 231, Leiden.
He buys and sells “2nd hand sureshots and all the new groovy stuff”.
In the store one of my photos will be displayed, so.. at least two good reasons for a visit!

Updated opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday to Monday from 12:00.

 Logo: Studio Freeke
 Artwork background: Remko Koopman