From the archives: I like big #butts (2015)

Lately I’m diggin’ the crates, reorganizing my archive.
In 10 years I took over 16.000 photos, so it was time to kill some darlings.
Meanwhile I’ve
picked my faves, removed doubles, selected somewhat more and pressed DELETE.

Here’s a darlin’ worth to share: πŸ‘ I Like Big Butts & I Can Not Lie (2015) πŸ‘

(Instagram removed it recently, but here she is – and here she stays..)



Dutch Gems ‘Chill Oud Posse’ Releaseparty (2018)

Dutch Gems ‘Chill Out Posse’ – Releaseparty at Nowa’s (Leiden).
A sneakpeak below.
More shots will follow at Dutch HipHop Gems.

Exclusive video footage from β€˜t Breehuys, limited vinyl for sale.

25 years of Souls Of Mischief (2018)

Hip hop-crew Souls Of Mischief celebrates the 25th anniversary of their classic debut album ‘93 ‘Til InfinityΒ΄ this year. Thursday 23/08/2018 I took some photos of their concert at Bird, Rotterdam, hosted by Jeru the Damaja. On the photos below; Jeru the Damaja, Tajai, Opio, Phesto & Breakbeat Lou.



For years and years I’m fascinated by what we lose, drop or forget.
In addition to the Lost Ones-album on this website I’ve started ‘Mamarazzi_LostOnes‘ on Instagram.

Last weeks I’ve found many lost ones, including sobriety, inspiration and a crashed bird. A new project got started.

Here’s a detail of this project about transience.

Project Transience (2017)