Last Friday I did a nude photoshoot with the lovely artist Roos Tulen.
The final result will be shown during Kunstroute Leiden, 22-23 September 2018. 
Stay tuned!


MAMARAZZI goes official (2018)


Hey you, it’s official! Today I’ve finally set up my own creative business at the ‘Kamer van Koophandel‘.
I didn’t even bring my camera for a proper selfie, ’cause it’s not about me, it’s all about you!
Whether you’re looking for a professional portrait, photoshoot, painting or an entire mural; I’m your girl! 🤙

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Milano (2018)

February-March I took care of an adorable gattina in Milano (Italy).
For two weeks I took photos every single day – from gatta to ghetto to gastronomy.  Today I published a selection here.


For years and years I’m fascinated by what we lose, drop and forget.
In addition to the Lost Ones-album on this website I’ve started ‘MariekeMamarazzi_LostOnes‘ on Instagram.

Last weeks I’ve found many lost ones, including sobriety, inspiration and a crashed bird. A new project got started.

Here’s a detail of this project about transience, stay tuned..

Photography Workshop (2017)


Last month I did a 2-day Photography workshop with these sweet kids..
It was fun teaching, especially the part about how to use perspective.
While teaching, I was learning too.

I hope they really got inspired and surprise their parents during the holidays! 😉